21.08.1998 - 26.08.1998, The Quantum Vacuum and Biology

Lecture (with Bernd F. Zeiger), 3rd international Hombroich Symposion on Biophysics, International Institute of Biophysics (IIB), Neuss, Germany.

09.10.1998 - 11.10.1998, The Fate and Future of Field Concepts: From Metaphysical Origins to Holistic Understanding in the Bio-Sciences

Invited lecture, Fourth Biennial European Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), Valencia, Spain.

06.09.1999 - 10.09.1999, Field Concepts and the Emergence of a Holistic Biophysics

Lecture, 2nd International Alexander Gurwitsch Conference "Non-Equilibrium and Coherent Systems in Biology, Biophysics and Biotechnology", Faculty of Biology, Lomonossov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.

01.09.2000 - 10.09.2000, Holistic Approaches in the History of Medicine and Physiology

Lecture, Conference, International Institute of Biophysics (IIB), D-Neuss, Germany.

04.05.2002 - 05.05.2003, "Wilderness and Man's Existence in the Three Worlds"

Lecture at the international conference on "Wilderness as Phenomenon of Integral Culture"

Castle Klenov, Czechia
Registration: Jiri Zemanek, sarvanga@mybox.cz

18.08.2002 - 24.08.2002, "The historical Development of Regulation Medicine"

Lecture at the "Summer School 2002" of the International Institute of Biophysics, August 18-24, 2002.

International Institute of Biophysics (IIB), ehem. Raketenstation, Kapellener Str., 41472 Neuss, Germany. phone: +49-2182-825 131.

01.05.2003 - 04.05.2003, Outer and Inner Light in the Fabric of Life and Nature

The basis of physical reality, 'inner light' is a fundamental form of light that structures matter and drives organic life. The energy of outer and inner light is the essence of life, health and healing. This discussion will relate the modern physics of subtle energy, biophotons and vacuum biophysics to healing and to descriptions of mystical experience and ancient cosmologies of light.

71st Annual Conference on Light and Vision of the College of Syntonic Optometry, May 1-4, 2003, Sheraton Oceanfront, Virginia Beach, VA, USA.

25.08.2003, Historical Development and Context of Biophoton Research

First, the development of biophoton research is traced from the discovery of mitogenetic radiation by the Russian histologist A.G.Gurwitsch in the 1920s and its investigation by others to the first photomultiplier measurements during WW 2 and finally to its systematic foundation by Fritz Popp in the early 1970s, and the work of his colleagues and the International Institute of Biophysics. In a second part, these events are embedded in the context of the developments in the, mainly developmental, biology of the time, and in the final part the wider context in the transition from mesmerism and other paraphysical developments to the beginnings of bioelectromagnetics in the late 19th century is described.

lecture at the 2003 Summer School "Biophotonics and Applications of Biophotons", International Institute of Biophysics (IIB), D-41472 Neuss-Holzheim, Germany, Monday, August 25th, 9:10-10:10 a.m.

23.04.2005 - 24.04.2005, The New Paradigm of Integrative Biophysics and the Emergence of Integrative Medicine

lecture at the Conference on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Society for Holistic Medicine, the International Society for Holistic Health, the Norwegian Naturopathic Society, and the Norwegian Association for Light Stimulation, at Sundvolden Hotel near Oslo, Norway. Info: Stig Bruset, stigab@online.no, or Randi Marie Eide, psyfys@online.no.

26.04.2005, Outer and Inner Light in the Fabric of Life and Reality

Seminar in Spikkestad Ungdomsskole, Spikkestad, Norway, 26 April 2005, 18.00-21.00, organized by the Norwegian Association for Light Stimulation (Norsk Forening for Lysstimulering), Stortingsgatan 28, 0160 Oslo, Norway.
Info: psyfys@online.no

14.10.2005 - 16.10.2005, The Role of Light in the Multidimensional Model of the Living Organism

It is now widely accepted that living organisms, including human ones, not only consist of solid material bodies, but also of a number of field-like dimensions. This is one of the reasons for the recent development of a "Multidimensional Model of the Organism". Besides the solid-physical body, the "objective anatomy" of man comprises several other "bodies". Each of the levels in this model has its own special relationship to light: both the "outer light" of physics and biology and the "inner light" of consciousness and spiritual experience.

2005 Conference of the International Light Association, October 14-16, 2005, University of Brussels Medical School Hospital, Kiekens Auditorium, Jette, Belgium

25.03.2006 - 26.03.2006, The Noosphere and Slavophile Sobornost' - Russian concepts and the field nature of planetary consciousness

Scientiufic Symposium "Wisdom and Science in A Dialogue - The New Planetary Consciousness" - organized by the Club of Budapest & Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings. Raketenstation Hombroich, Neuss, Germany

12.08.2007 - 17.08.2007, Interpersonal fields - suggestions for an investigation of the field aspects of social life

Presentation at the Summer School of the International Institute of Biophysics (IIB), Neuss, Germany

13.12.2007 - 14.12.2007, Spirituality: A Necessary Consequence and Culmination of Holistic Medicine

The ancient Hippocratic tradition of Western holistic medicine has received scientific foundations in the 1st half of the 20th century, by the research of pathologists, physiologists, internists etc. They showed the existence of a number of holistic functions and systems in the organism, such as the nervous system and connective tissue, which guarantee the holistic functioning and the healing and regeneration processes and by which therapists can address the organism holistically. More recently, biophysics has demonstrated, supported by the findings of chronobiology and research on non-Western medical systems, that the organism not only consists of solid matter, but also of an “electromagnetic field body”, and can be viewed as a highly complex resonating system of pulsating matter and oscillating fields coupled to each other by constantly changing synchronizations. Recent findings of neurobiology support this view: Synchronization and coherence are the organizing principles in biology, and are necessary for coherent perception, motor action, and interpersonal relations.

However, human existence is more than just biology and physics, and health is more than just the absence of illness. The modern health sciences accept that man has not only lower, biological needs such as survival, food, procreation and sexual satisfaction, but also higher needs like security, belonging, sympathy, estimation and self-esteem, love, knowledge and understanding, meaning, personal growth and self-realization. These psychological, emotional, social and spiritual needs must also be satisfied for becoming or remaining healthy. For really being healthy we must always strive towards the highest form of human existence that is possible to us. Therefore, healthy synchronization and coherence must not only include the unitary functioning of our physiological systems, but also the unity of the body with our inner world of feeling, thinking, and consciousness (body-soul unity), and the unity of ourselves with our surroundings, other people, the whole of nature, and finally the whole universe in all its material and nonmaterial aspects. The highest brain states in experienced healers and meditators highlight the optimal synchronization and coherence we all can reach and which is connected with optimal health and optimal functioning. The highest possible synchronization and coherence however is achieved through the alignment with God, the giving up of the ego separation and surrendering to the fundamental unity of reality, and through altruistic action.

Lecture at the Conference “Regenerative Medicine and Spirituality”, December 13-14, 2007, Institute of Turkish Standards, Ankara, Turkey

12.09.2009 - 13.09.2009, Salutogenesis - New Concepts in the Health Sciences and the Role of Spirituality

Lecture at the Conference on "Regenerative Medicine und Spirituality - From Heart to Medicine, From Medicine to Heart" No. 6, September 12-13, 2009, at the
Dokuz Eylül University,
Faculty of Medicine,
Anfiler Binasi,
Big Conference Hall,
Balcova - Izmir,

12.09.2009 - 13.09.2009, Salutogenesis - New Concepts in the Health Sciences and the Role of Spirituality

In the health sciences, a new concept of health has emerged in the last decades which constitutes a challenge to the biomedical worldview. The salutogenetic concept of health focuses on the factors generating and promoting health, instead of the pathogenetic factors as in biomedicine. It aims less at the avoidance or elimination of illness than at the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the achievement of a state of optimal health by furthering the development of inner growth and the unfoldment of the innate potential in every person. It assumes that the optimal development of all aspects of human existence, physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual, is necessary for health. Accordingly, all branches of human knowledge must contribute to an understanding of health, not only medicine, but also biophysics and other scientific disciplines, and not only science but also the humanities. In fact we are today witnessing the formation of such an “Integrative Medicine” which integrates biomedicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine and also elements from the medical systems of non-Western cultures. The salutogenetic approach emphasizes the importance of every person primarily taking responsibility for his own health and self-reliantly cultivating body and mind. Therefore, methods of self-cultivation such as relaxation, meditation, martial arts, and yoga and a holistic outlook are central to this approach, and it may not be possible to fully realize it without a spiritual orientation.

lecture, International Conference "From Heart to Medicine, From Medicine to Heart" - Regenerative Medicine and Spirituality, September 12-13, Faculty of Medicine, Dokuz Eylül University, Balcova - Izmir, Turkey

04.11.2010 - 06.11.2010, Man as a Cosmic Resonator - Re-Imagining Human Existence in the Field Picture

Science and the arts have a common task: re-imagining reality, pointing out possibilities, directing attention to hitherto unconscious potentialities, creating new sensitivities which then may become social and physical realities. The field aspect of reality and human existence has long been eclipsed by the predominant view of reality and our existence as solid objects. More recently, however, the field imaginations have shifted from a marginal to a more prominent place in public awareness. The rise of the field view may well transform our society, and change not only our picture of reality and human existence, but transform social life and human relationships. Methods for training awareness of interpersonal fields and cultivating the sensitivity for the “space in between”, self-cultivating techniques by means of which every person can regulate their own bodily, emotional and mental states and constantly fashion themselves as living “Gesamtkunstwerke” may take a central place in society.

Invited lecture, 11th Annual International Research Consciousness Reframed Conference for Art and Technology "Making Reality Really Real", November 4-6, 2010, Trondheim, Norway
Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth, UK

13.11.2010, Slow Living and the Nature of Time

Lecture at the Conference „The Unexpected Connections 2010: Human Being, Time, Nature“
Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies, Napoli, Italy


25.03.2011, The Role of Light in the Organism

Lecture, LED's Academy, 9th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco, Grimaldi Forum, March 24-26, 2011


07.04.2011, Salutogenesis and its Psychological, Psycho-Neuro-Immunological and Biophysical Aspects

Salutogenesis, a term first proposed by the medical sociologist Aaron Antonovsky, denotes a central concept in the new understanding of health in the health sciences, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and Integrative Medicine. It represents a fundamental shift of perspective from a pathogenesis-centered view to a health-centered view of health and illness, and from investigating the causes of illness and health risks to looking into the factors, personality traits and behaviors that make or keep somebody healthy. Of course the salutogenetic question what it is that makes someone healthy is not new and has been always asked in Hippocratic medicine as well as in the Oriental medical systems.

Today, however, we have new approaches at our disposal to throw light on this question, such as more refined psychological concepts and methods to understand health-promoting psychological states, the psycho-neuro-immunological findings on the influence of such states on the body, and the findings of biophysics on the properties of the human energy fields associated with such salutogenetic states.

Lecture in Panel "Relevance of physical parameters in biological research", at the International Congress of Osteopathic Medicine, "Towards an Integrated Medicine", 6-9 April 2011, Florence, Italy, Palazzo dei Congressi


23.06.2011 - 26.06.2011, Wlodzimierz Sedlak and the Bioplasma Concept

Lecture at the Conference NEW11 (Nauka-Etika-Wiara 2011) of the Christian Forum of Science Workers (Chrzescijanskie Forum Pracownikow Nauki), Special Session Celebrating the 100th Birthday of Prof. W. Sedlak, Dobieskow, Poland, June 22-26, 2011.

30.09.2011 - 01.10.2011, Biophotons and Quantum Effects of Weak Light


The discovery of endogenous light in living organisms (biophotons) and of the quantum properties of this ultraweak light emitted by all living systems, including man, is highly significant for the understanding of weak light effects as in LED applications.

Patients, materials, methods

In the presentation the results of biophoton research are summarized and the quantum effects discovered by biophoton researchers are described in view of their significance for low-level light applications. As these quantum effects are coherence effects, the possible role of coherence and various types of coherent light in the interaction with living matter is outlined and models of the role of the biophoton field in the organism and the organism’s interaction with external light are presented.


Biophoton research has shown that the electromagnetic biofield (biophoton field) forms an inseparable component of the human organism. Due to the non-equilibrium nature of the living organism weak stimuli not only can have considerable effects on life processes, but the organism preferably operates with weak quantum effects.


The effects of weak stimuli such as low-level light on the organism can only be understood as quantum effects where not the intensity (energy) of a stimulus is crucial, but its informational content.

Lecture at the LED Academy Session, Conference European Masters in Anti-Aging Medicine EMAA 2011, 30 September 2011, Palais des Congres, Paris, France


17.03.2012, Ther effect of light on pain and healing via the autonomic nervous system and the connective tissue

Lecture at the "Journee LED: Orientations pratiques" of the LED Academy, March 17, 2012, Novotel Gare Montparnasse, Paris, France

06.06.2012 - 10.06.2012, Light in the Organism

The human organism has a special relationship to light: it reacts not only very sensitively to the constant changes of environmental lighting conditions, but it also produces its own very weak, but significant light emission, called “ultraweak bioluminescence” or “biophotons”. In the last decades, researchers have investigated the properties of this intrinsic cell light and have produced evidence for its possible role in biocommunication, biological regulation and healing.
The presentation will inform about the findings of biophoton research and its possible significance for the understanding of human life, healing processes, and particularly for the external application of weak light for influencing physiological and psychological processes.

Lecture at the LED Academy session of the 9th EADV Spring Symposium, European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, Verona, Italy, June 6-10, 2012

25.08.2012 - 26.08.2012, Biophoton Research and the New Participative Worldview

Man not only has a body of solid matter, but is also surrounded and permeated by a body of light: the biophotonic field body. Discovered by Alexander Gurwitsch in 1922, the biophoton emission of plants, animals and humans has been demonstrated and investigated by scientists worldwide, most prominently by the members of the International Institute of Biophysics (IIB) in Neuss, Germany, headed by the biophysicist Fritz Albert Popp. Dr. Bischof is the actual president of the IIB and will present the results of biophoton research. He will report on some applications of biophoton measurement and will describe the implications of these findings for the new picture of human existence and evolution: Man as a cosmic resonator in a participative universe.

Lecture at the Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution, August 25-26, 2012, London, UK

12.03.2013, The Spell of the Sensuous

Panel Discussion with David Abram, Andreas Weber, Shelly Sacks, Hildegard Kurt, Ivan Havel, and Marco Bischof. Kampa Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic.

18.07.2013 - 21.07.2013, The Art of Touching

Marco Bischof will present material on the nature of touch from his many decades of experience as a breathing therapist and as a researcher in body-mind relationship. The theoretical discussion will be combined with exercises providing concrete experience of the topics discussed.
While it is possible to touch a body only, real touch involves touching the person in the body. Also, for really being able to touch somebody I first must be present myself. The fundamental principles of touching and those of presence are the same. Usually, we are not present in our bodies, we are “somewhere else”. To be able to dissociate from our bodies is a uniquely human ability allowing us reflection, empathy etc. This ability is at the core of humanity’s achievements, but at the same time it can have severe negative consequences. The fact that we usually are somewhat “beside ourselves”, not one with ourselves, concretely manifests in lack of self-awareness and bodily tensions. But these negative consequences are not due to reflexivity itself, but to the kind of attention we use for it. If instead of the usual “focused attention” we can apply a kind of “open focus” attention, it becomes possible to sustain embodied presence and reflexivity at the same time. Focused attention is actually a kind of attention that consists in trying to grasp what we attend to. It is the kind of attention that is deeply engrained in our Western culture, where we treat ourselves as a kind of object that we are trying to control. Unconsciously, we have a constant and very tight hold on every part of our bodies. Every person has a typical “character armour” (Wilhelm Reich), a complex structure of muscular tensions that corresponds to her/his mental and emotional structure. To develop presence, we first must become aware of this grip on ourselves, then learn to gradually let it go. This can be concretely done by developing body awareness, particularly through a special type of attention to muscular activity and the breathing process, as it has been developed in the “Middendorf Breath Work”. In this seminar, Dr. Bischof will present the basics of this method, and we will do a number of perception, stretching and movement exercises that will give a taste of how it is practically done.
The basic elements of the method are the training of being present in the body and being present in the process of muscular extension and while synchronizing it with the breathing process. The goal of the method is the discovery of the so-called “Middle State” in this process and its expansion to the whole body and even beyond. The Middle State emerges when I let muscular extension and breathing happen completely by itself, without interference from the mind, and at the same time am able to be present in the process, being one with it, with my consciousness. The Middle State can be compared to a state of high coherence and is a state of complete unity of solid body and body fields. It constitutes a complete 180 degree reversal of our habitual everyday state. Really touching another person is only possible from such a state of coherence and is a kind of further extension of the process of expanding your own Middle State beyond the borders of your material body.

Seminar in the framework of the Hado Residential Course, European Shiatsu Institute, Centro I Tre Santi - Castelfiorentino / Montespertoli (Fi), Toscana, Italy.

22.09.2013, Bioelectronics and Light

The effects of light on the organism and the mechanism of photobiomodulation cannot be fully understood without considering the role of electronic excitation and electron and proton transfer processes, i.e., the function of bioelectronics and biological semiconduction. These biophysical aspects of physiology are also connected with redox processes and the acid-base-balance which for this reason are also discussed in this presentation.

Lecture, President's Day, 10th ILA Annual Conference "Light for Health and Wellbeing", International Light Association, Ter Dennen, West Malle, Belgium, September 20th-23th, 2013.