Marco Bischof

born April 24th, 1947, St.Gallen, Switzerland. Swiss Citizen.

Work Experience

Visiting lecturer and member of the Working Group for Agriculture and Social Ecology at the Humboldt-University, Berlin, Institute for the Economics and Social Sciences of Agriculture.

Member of the board of directors of the German Associtation for Space Energy (GASE). Co-founder of the Berlin Institute for Innovative Energy Technologies Binnotec e.V.

Member of the board of directors of the German Transpersonal Society, Berlin. Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Inter-Universitary Master-Course for Complementary, Psychosocial and Integrative Health Promotion (Graz, Austria) and of the Monterey Institute for the Study of Healing Arts (Carmel, Kalifornien, USA).

Member of the general advisory board of the "Health Days", Berlin May/June 2000, and coordinator of its subject area 8 ("Towards an Integral Medicine").

Scientific consultant of the Patient Information for Complementary Medicine, Berlin, Germany (Documentation, research and consultancy for complementary medicine and frontier sciences).

Member of the board of directors of the International Union of Medical & Applied Bioelectrography. Member of the Editorial board of the Russian magazine "Consciousness and Physical Reality", St. Petersburg.

Managing Director, International Institute of Biophysics, Neuss, Germany.

Visiting scholar, Center for Frontier Sciences, Temple University, Philadelphia.

Member, board of directors, International Institute of Biophysics, then Kaiserslautern, now Neuss, Germany.

Editor of the magazine "Bioenergetik", issue 3-8, (International Society for Kirlian Photography and Bioelectrical Diagnosis and Therapy, Energetik-Verlag, Bruchsal).

Collaborator, International Institute of Biophysics, Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Co-founder and member, advisory board, Research Laboratory for Biophysical Balneology, Zurzach, Switzerland.

Director, Institute for Synthesis, Coordination and Documentation (ISCD), Biberist, Switzerland.

Independent scholar and author. Consultant to various research projects, companies and institutions.

Free-lance science writing, specialized in frontier sciences. Regular contributor to German OMNI (now defunct), German Penthouse, Esotera, Sphinx, Bioenergetik, Természet-Gyógyászat (Budapest).

Well known and frequent lecturer in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Occasional lectures in many other countries.

Breathing, relaxation and body therapist, self-employed.

ree-lance journalist, arts and reviews, Zurich.


University of Zurich, Switzerland, cultural and medical anthropology, comparative religion, and psychology.

State College for Adults, Zurich, matura certificate (roughly B.A./B.Sc. equivalent) with distinction.

Institute for Breathing Therapy and Breathing Education, Berlin-West (Prof. I.Middendorf), diploma breathing therapist.

What the critics have said about his work

"Sober, rich in material and well written, the book contains any amount of explosives for engrained notions. To me it is one of the most important books of the last several years" (Hans-Curt Flemming in Connection Magazine (Germany), on "Biophotons").

"The book is a must for any leading edge scientist or researcher or alternative specialist who wants a scientific overview, and seeks to understand the variety of theories or possible explanations for a part of reality which has just begun to be measured - the interface between the material world and virtual reality. (...) We consider the book a work of reference with regard to the New Paradigm of science and philosophy in general and specifically with regard to the exciting area of biophoton research. (...) The biophoton theory may be one of the links between spiritual and esoteric empiricism and the New Paradigm science. (...) We find the book enlightening and recommendable. It provides scientific foundation for the developing New Paradigm within the sciences. The book is a treasure of information and details, rich in illustrations, and the glossary contains definitions of concepts normally difficult to define. This book was awarded the SMN Book Price in 1995 - an obvious choice". (Ole and Suzette van Hauen-Drucker, in The Scientific and Medical Network Review (U.K.), No.62, December 1996, on "Biophotons").

"A fascinating and unique book which does not fit into any current scheme" (Christian Bachmann, in Tages-Anzeiger, Zürich, Switzerland, on "Biophotons")

"A spirited and highly interesting discourse" (Dennis Stillings in Artifex (Minneapolis) on "Unsere Seele kann fliegen").

"Marco Bischof disposes of a language that through its simplicity makes complex relationships accessible also to the layman" (Bruno Kesseli in Limmat-Zeitung (Switzerland) on "Unsere Seele kann fliegen").

"Marco Bischof belongs to a tradition mainly found in Anglo-Saxon writing whose most known representative is maybe Arthur Koestler. Like Aldous Huxley, and today Colin Wilson or Robert Anton Wilson, he soberly investigates border areas of rationality without abusing cheap catchwords or neboulous expectations. What characterizes these authors is the ability to present difficult scientific concepts in a simple way without misrepresenting them. By proceeding and thinking in an interdisciplinary way, they arrive at surprising and new insights. Marco Bischof's book is a good exemple of this" (Guido Stefani in Luzerner Neuste Nachrichten and Badener Tagblatt (Switzerland) on "Unsere Seele kann fliegen").